Led by paediatric experts in youth development, this programme is designed to help young people enjoy physical training, get stronger, move better and reduce risk of injuries from general physical activity or sport. These sessions are completely unique to Shropshire, and will help young people understand correct movement, how to exercise safely and effectively, as well as improving their athletic abilities. This will give them the confidence to do more physical activity, play more sport, and stay active into adulthood. You can train 1:1, in a small group, or in one of our larger group sessions with other young people.


  • Improve movement, balance, and coordination
  • Improve strength, speed, power & fitness
  • Expert paediatric performance coaches who work with elite level junior athletes
  • Fun and safe training environment
  • Massively reduce risk of injury
  • Train 1:1 or in our small group sessions
  • Bi-monthly screening and performance testing
  • Learn about how to optimise their movement mechanics, warm up effectively & nutrition

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We are currently offering discounted packages to all new clients as part of our new gym launch offer for a limited period of time. You will receive all of the above benefits with all our package options. Contact us today if you want to become the best version of yourself.

1:1 - Pay Per Session

We are currently offering an introductory taster session for £40 (20% off). Our sessions there after are £50 per hour, we know our prices are premium, but that’s because we offer Shropshire’s only and best youth athletic development programme.

Group Sessions/Classes

Your first group session is FREE. Thereafter we charge a set fee of £32 per monththis includes a weekly group session with an experienced coach, as well as many other benefits mentioned above.

1:1 - 10 Session Package

This package includes 10x 1:1 youth specific sessions and costs £400 (£500). This works out to only £40 per session, this is the cheapest 1:1 option for young people to achieve their training goals while being guided and coached by an elite trainer.

1:1 - 5 Session Package

This package includes 5x 1:1 youth specific sessions and costs £225 (£250). This works out to £45 per session, this is an intermediate 1:1 option for young people to achieve their training goals while being guided and coached by an elite trainer.

We also offer other services such as adult group classes, sports performance coaching, personal training, online training and more.