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Our Shrewsbury based Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic provides a comprehensive unrivalled service for all age ranges whether you are recovering from an operation, have general aches and pains, or are an elite level athlete. We use a combination of experts in physiotherapy, advanced programming, and exercise selection to help you recover as quickly as possible, while providing you with a progressive system to help you to continue to become healthier, stronger, and pain free long term.


What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a term that describes symptoms in the buttocks or legs that is caused by the sciatic nerve becoming irritated. Everyone will experience sciatica symptoms differently according to what causes sciatica for them.

Common symptoms may include pain, tingling, numbness and/or weakness.

What are the treatment options?

Sciatica normally gets better in 4 to 6 weeks but can sometimes last longer. You can try to ease the pain yourself by:

  • Regular stretches of your back
  • Gentle exercise to keep you moving
  • Speak to your GP about pain relief 

Common physiotherapy treatment options may include:

  • Exercises to restore flexibility and strength
  • Joint mobilisations
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Advice on how to minimise irritation on the nerve and prevent recurrence of symptoms

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Shrewsbury physiotherapy

Our Physiotherapist - Jonny Bucke working at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia


  • Individualised advanced rehabilitation programme
  • Results driven long term treatment plan
  • Experienced practitioners in NHS & Olympic level sport
  • Shropshire’s most advanced rehab offering
  • Bespoke private physiotherapy clinic
  • Three stage system for long term health
  • Option for combined assessments & rehab plans
  • Video library to support your rehab


If you’re looking for physiotherapist, and especially a sports physiotherapist, I can’t recommend Jonny and Salopia Health & Performance highly enough. Having previously had ‘standard’ treatments on an injury with no improvement, Jonny did an in depth analysis of the injury beyond anything I have had before, and built a sports focused strengthening rehab programme which has helped me recover and get back to playing. To be able to get an injury treated and then a programme to rehab correctly to come back stronger is ideal and I would highly recommend to anyone with a sporting related injury.

Adam Smith
Shrewsbury Hockey Club Captain


Chartered Physiotherapist
Jonny Bucke BSc MSc MCSP MMACP
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Jonny is a Chartered Physiotherapist. Jonny currently works for the English Institute of Sport as the lead physiotherapist for the Great Britain Men’s Artistic Gymnastics team; with highlights including working at several European and World Championships and the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Prior to this, Jonny worked in professional football with Reading FC and semi-professional rugby. He has also worked in the NHS across multiple different settings, including musculoskeletal outpatients, orthopaedics, elderly rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation and intensive care.

Alongside this, Jonny has completed a Masters degree (MSc) in Advanced Manipulative Physiotherapy, has undergone further specialist training in Sports Massage and has published research internationally focusing on the spine in the field of physiotherapy.

Advanced Rehab Specialist
Ashley Downing BSc MSc ASCC
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Ash is currently the lead strength & conditioning coach for the Great Britain Archery Olympic and Paralympic squads, working for the English Institute of Sport which is the hub of sport science support for almost all Olympic and Paralympic sports in the UK.

Ash is an expert in advanced programming, exercise selection, and optimal technique and movement. This is where our unique combined service will help you recover as quickly as possible and limit future occurrences or injuries. 

Additionally, Ash has a Masters degree (MSc) in Applied Sport and Exercise Science, while also being the only Accredited Strength & Conditioning coach in Shrewsbury, which is the gold standard qualification in this industry. 


We provide an unrivalled service, combining our experts in physiotherapy and sports rehab, enabling you to recover as quickly as physically possible. Please contact us using the contact details below or click the ‘Contact Us’ button to fill in an inquiry form.

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