We provide high quality, results driven adult group training sessions for everyone from people who are new on their fitness journey to the experienced gym user who wants to take their training to a new level. Our learn to lift group training is a completely unique experience unlike anything Shropshire has to offer, we will help you train in a safe and optimal way to achieve the results you want in the shortest possible time. We operate in a private friendly gym space and will support you learning exercise techniques as well as individualising exercises to your needs, we don’t operate with a one size fits all fitness class approach. 


  • Individualised training programme
  • Get stronger, fitter, healthier, and leaner
  • Learn how to perform bodyweight & free weight exercises
  • Shropshire’s most advanced coaches
  • Private friendly gym space
  • Train with likeminded supportive people
  • Regular progress check in’s
  • Online video library

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We are currently offering discounted packages to all new clients as part of our new gym launch offer for a limited period of time. You will receive all of the above benefits with all our package options. Contact us today if you want to become the best version of yourself.

Group Sessions/Classes

Your first group session is FREE. Thereafter we charge a set monthly fee of £32 per monththis includes a weekly session with an experienced coach, a training programme you can follow on other days during the week, as well as many other benefits mentioned above.

1:1 Personal Training

Alternatively if you don’t want to attend our group session, we provide 1:1 Personal Training at our private training facility. This will provide you with a more bespoke package to your needs and will inevitably help you achieve your training goals faster. Click below to see our personal training packages.

We also offer other services such as personal training, youth athletic development sessions, sports performance sessions, performance memberships, online training and more.